Based in Wells, Somerset, these courses are mainly run from my home studio.
If you would like some more information, or to book a course please get in touch.
Larger groups can be accommodated by arrangement.

Beadmaking – an introduction to soft glass lampworking (beginner). Available as a half or full day for £60/120 per person.

This taster course is designed to give the student an introduction to working glass on a torch and the foundations of glass bead making.
Starting with simple control and manipulation the student will learn through a combination of examples and hands on guidance how to shape and decorate simple glass beads.
This course is either one to one or for a maximum or two people so torch time and tutor guidance is guaranteed. Larger groups can be arranged by request.
You can expect to make around 10 beads during the course.

Introduction to sculpture in soft glass (intermediate full day). £160 per person.
Some experience required, ideally at least one beginner course and some home practice.
Expanding on the soft glass techniques learned in the first course the student(s) will be moving off mandrel and into the realm of sculpture.
Starting with simple animal shapes we will learn and practice off-mandrel control, sculpture and heat distribution.

Marble Making – Beginner’s borosilicate course (beginner, full day) £180

Beginning with how to shape a clear glass marble we’ll then try some different decorative techniques before moving on to a vortex marble for a final piece in the afternoon.

Borosilicate glass is generally slower to work than other types of glass due to the temperature required to melt it, however it’s consistency makes it perfect for shaping marbles.
You can expect to make 3-4 marbles during the course.